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Keep your network secure with industry-leading firewall technology

Firewall Managed Service for Your Cloud

You need to rely on highly available, secure computing environments to efficiently and safely conduct business. Firewalls are a key component of a secure network and must be managed properly to ensure they protect your critical information assets.

Our Firewall Managed Service is managed by the Bluelock team on your behalf and is configured to allow “good” traffic in and to keep “bad” traffic out.

Many applications today require more than a simple, traditional firewall due to newer, more sophisticated threats. Having a proven cloud firewall in place is increasingly important to protecting your business’s most valuable systems and data. We highly recommend using a cloud firewall to augment internal security systems already in place.

Benefits of Bluelock’s Firewall Managed Service

  • High Availability: Firewalls are architected with a systems-defined approach to ensure the highest level of availability.
  • VPN-Enabled: Our Firewall Service provides VPN capabilities to eliminate the need for multiple devices.
  • High Performance: Bluelock’s Firewall Managed Service is built to handle peak traffic loads to guarantee the greatest performance of even the most complex environments.

Bluelock’s Firewall Managed Service Options

Check Point Security Gateway™ – Protect dynamic virtualized environments and external networks from both internal and external threats by securing virtual machines and applications

  • VPN: Limited support for both IPsec and SSL VPN is included in the standard firewall maintenance contract with Bluelock.
  • IPS: Integrated with Check Point Security Gateway. Support is quoted based on specific needs.

VMware vShield™ Edge – Get comprehensive perimeter network security for Bluelock environments with VMware vShield Edge, part of the VMware vShield family. vShield Edge integrates seamlessly with VMware vSphereTM and includes essential network gateway services so you can quickly and securely scale your cloud infrastructure.

Bluelock’s Firewall Managed Service Delivery

Bluelock will work with you to perform a security review of your firewall needs, your network and system setup and security policies to develop and define your firewall security policy.

  • Enterprise-Class Firewall Options: Bluelock offers two enterprise firewall options: Check Point Security Gateway™ and VMware vShield™ Edge firewall services. Bluelock will ensure that your environment receives the proper defense against cyber intrusion.
  • 24×7 Firewall Protection: Bluelock has the resources to react quickly to firewall issues anytime, day or night.
  • Ease of Implementation: Bluelock takes care of the complete solution, including configuration, installation and ongoing management.
  • Expertise: With experience gained from installing and managing thousands of firewalls, Bluelock provides proactive security services supported by certified security professionals.