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Operating System Patching

Keep systems updated with the latest security patches and software updates

Operating System Patching Managed Service for Your Cloud

Operating System (OS) Patching is an important part of keeping the systems and applications in your Bluelock environment safe from malicious users that exploit vulnerabilities left open when operating systems are not kept up-to-date. With Bluelock’s OS Patching Managed Service, your IT team is freed up to focus on core IT competencies necessary to propel your organization forward.

With Bluelock’s Operating System Patching Managed Service you choose your patching window and receive a report at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled window. You will then be notified within 72 hours of your patching window if a specific patch requires remediation.

Benefits of Bluelock’s OS Patching Managed Service

  • Proactive Protection: An effective patch management process can close vulnerabilities before malicious users or worms have an opportunity to exploit them. The timely deployment of patches dramatically reduces corporate risk.
  • Low System Overhead: Our OS Patching does not require a software agent to be installed on your virtual machine, freeing up memory, CPU and storage space for more important items.
  • Full Visibility: Bluelock Client Support provides ongoing monitoring and detailed status reports available in PDF format either through our web portal or via email. You can also check the status in real-time on the host system.

Bluelock’s OS Patching Managed Service Delivery

Bluelock provides two patching windows per month to give you flexibility with your patching schedule. During the patch window, the security updates and critical updates identified by Microsoft as important or recommended are applied.

  • Ongoing Windows OS Protection
    • Patch Tuesday
    • Patching windows are on the first & second Sunday after Patch Tuesday
  • Quality Control: Bluelock runs a scan after the patching process is completed to verify that all patches were installed correctly. If there are any missing patches, Bluelock Client Support will notify you to coordinate a manual patching window at your convenience.